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    Placement Unlimited Agreement Division of Sullivan University Systems, Inc.


    By this agreement the undersigned employer agrees to acquire the services of Placements Unlimited. The employer understands that the outlined fee is paid by the employer and not the Nanny applicant.


    The employer will provide a written and reasonably specific list of job duties and expectations of the Nanny/Child Care Specialist sufficient for Placements Unlimited to recruit an appropriate Nanny for the Family. (See Family Questionnaire.)


    Placements Unlimited will recruit appropriate applicants pursuant to the requirements of the employer and has conducted a thorough background check concerning each applicant supplied to the employer for interview.


    Placement Fee: The employer agrees to pay a $900 fee for successful placement of a Nanny.


    Replacement & Refund Policy: For a period of 30 days after placement, Placements Unlimited will make its best effort to replace an applicant if he or she proves to be unsatisfactory to the employer at no charge to the employer. Placement Unlimited agrees to make only one replacement within the 30-day period and can make no guarantee as to how quickly a second applicant can be found. If a replacement Nanny is not desired, Placements Unlimited will refund 50% of the placement fee.

    In the event a termination occurs due to misdescription or misrepresentation concerning duties, compensation or treatment of the applicant, replacement guarantee is void.


    Waiver of Liability: The employer understands that no guarantees or promises have been made by Placements Unlimited, except for replacement or refund policy set forth in Article V above, and that Placements Unlimited's sole responsibility is to attempt to find an individual who is available to work for the employer and perform the employer's specified duties. The employer understands that he/she takes full responsibility for the decision to hire and to continue to employ the applicant and that he/she is the only one who can assess the employee for competence and appropriateness for the position. Therefore, the employer further agrees to hold Placements Unlimited harmless for any acts of commission or omission which the employee may directly or indirectly perform.

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