InterNational Center for Advanced Pharmacy Services (INCAPS)

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 Medication Therapy Management Services (Medication Check-up)
       Change in current medication regimen warranting follow-up
       Poor adherence noted
       On a high-risk medication (Beer's List, warfarin, digoxin, insulin)
       Greater than one year since last medication check-up
       Polypharmacy noted
       Mental Health (Education needed, Psychiatric medication evaluation)

 Disease management (Note: Collaborative Care Agreement may need to be signed)
       Diabetes mellitus (Patient on oral therapy only! Those patients who require insulin therapy should not be referred
            unless needing insulin education and/or blood glucose monitoring teaching)
             Newly diagnosed Type 2 DM
             Poorly controlled DM
             Home monitoring education
             General diabetic education
             Insulin education
             Inhaler technique
            Peel flow monitoring
             General asthma education
             Poorly controlled asthmatic
       Smoking Cessation

 Education on use of medical devices.  Please specify:
 Immunizations needed:
       Pneumococcal polysaccharide
       Seasonal influenza
             Live intranasal
       Human Papillomavirus (HPV)
       Seasonal H1N1
             Live intranasal
 Other reason, please specify:

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