Welcome to the Sullivan University Online online re-entry application!

There are a number of steps that need to be completed to begin your re-entry and completing this documentation is the first step!

Please keep in mind that this application is only for Sullivan University Online students. If you have a question about which campus you are enrolled at, please email onlinereentry@sullivan.edu before you complete this application.

You will need your Student ID number to complete this form. If you do not know your Student ID number, please email onlinereentry@sullivan.edu to request it.

This process will include both the admissions documents and financial documents that we need to begin your re-entry and financial planning process. They include the following:

  • Application for Re-Entry
  • Company Deferment Agreement (Only for students using Company-Paid Benefits)
  • Determination of State Residency Status (Only for KY Residents)
  • The FERPA form to update your Student Privacy Act Rights
  • Supplemental Worksheet
  • Schedule Request (this is not the same as completing the online registration, your re-entry coordinator will be in touch with you to finalize your classes)
  • Acknowledgement of Re-Entry and Tuition Terms
  • Computer Requirements
  • Transcript Requests

If you have questions on how to complete any of the forms, please contact onlinereentry@sullivan.edu and we will be happy to walk you through the process!

Please begin the Sullivan University Online Re-Entry process by clicking on the start button below: