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The Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree Completion Program utilizes a single application for both the general education and nursing core courses. This allows the student to complete all pre-requisite general education courses through the Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies (BSIS) before beginning the nursing core curriculum which is offered through the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program.

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Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System Survey
The US Department of Education requires us to report the ethnicity and race of our students. These two optional questions permit you to self-identify you
r ethnicity and race. If you do not self-identify the law permits us to identify your race by observation.

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BSIS/Bachelor of Science in Nursing



Have you ever attended Sullivan University, Spencerian College or Sullivan College of Technology & Design (formerly LTI)?

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Are you an active member of the US Armed Forces, spouse of an active member of the US Armed Forces, or civilian employee of the Department of Defense?

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Academic History
Did you graduate from High School, receive a GED or were home schooled?

Do you currently hold an active unencumbered RN license in the United States?



Tuition Agreement
In consideration of my acceptance as a student by Sullivan University, I understand and agree that my tuition charge is based upon the number of credit hours for which I am enrolled each academic quarter (11 weeks). The current undergraduate credit hour tuition rate is $ 292.00 (plus all applicable fees). The current Graduate School credit hour tuition rate is $495.00 (plus all applicable fees). The current graduate credit hour rate for the PhD program is $745.00 per credit hour. The current credit hour rate for tuition will remain in effect as long as I am continuously enrolled at Sullivan University; however, should I withdraw and return, the per credit hour tuition in effect at that time will be charged.

I agree that the University may use my name and picture in University literature, publications, or advertising. The University reserves the right to reject any application for admission and will return the application fee if the application is rejected.

I understand that in addition to meeting the academic requirement of my program of study, I must have paid all financial obligations to the University, completed any required competency exam, completed a financial aid exit interview, and completed the Graduate Employment Services exit interview in order to satisfy all graduation requirements. I understand that no transcripts or diploma will be released until all of the aforementioned obligations have been met.

Sullivan University's policy on the Return of Title IV Funds conforms to the Department of Education's section 668.22, treatment of Title IV Funds when a student withdraws. Both of the College's policy on the reduction of tuition and return of Title IV Funds can be found in the College's catalog.

All tuition paid in excess of these guidelines will be refunded. Any balances remaining unpaid will be due and payable by the last day of attendance each quarter. In no event will payments required for this or any quarter be payable in more than three (3) installments, including the down payment.

In the event that anticipated financial arrangements do not meet tuition cost, I realize that I am still responsible for such tuition and legal/attorney fees if legal action becomes necessary.

This agreement is not binding until the date of your entrance.

Disclosure Regarding Transferability of Credits Credits earned at Sullivan University may not transfer to another educational institution. Credits earned at another educational institution may not be accepted by Sullivan University. You should obtain confirmation that Sullivan University will accept any credits you have earned at another educational institution before you execute an enrollment contract or agreement. You should also contact any educational institutions that you may want to transfer credits earned at Sullivan University in order to determine if such institutions will accept credits earned at Sullivan University prior to executing an enrollment contract or agreement. The ability to transfer credits from Sullivan University to another educational institution may be very limited. Your credits may not transfer and you may have to repeat courses previously taken at Sullivan University if you enroll in another educational institution.

You should never assume that credits will transfer to, or from any educational institution. It is highly recommended, and you are advised to make certain, that you know the Transfer of Credit Policy of Sullivan University and of any other educational institutions, so in the future, you could transfer credits earned at Sullivan University before you execute an enrollment contract or agreement.

By typing my initials in the box below, I agree to the terms outlined above, and I understand that making false statements and providing incomplete information may result in the cancellation of my admissions and/or registration. I certify that the information provided in this application is true and correct.
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Please take a minute to review the information above and make sure it is all correct.
A copy of this page will be emailed to you for your records.

Sullivan University is an equal opportunity institution and does not discriminate against persons because of race, age, religion, sex, handicap, color or national origin. Completion of related items is optional, however it will aid in the prompt processing of your application and will be used for federal, state and Affirmative Action reporting purposes.